Our company Newpro Mediação Imobiliaria was formed by a team with sales experience for over 14 years, in different touristic resorts with luxury villas in the Algarve: From MONTE DA QUINTA in Quinta do Lago (with luxury villas and world renowned golf courses), AQUAMAR in Vilamoura Marina (apartments), The Crest at Vale Formoso (private condominium with luxury villas) and other sales in Sheraton Pine Cliffs, Vale do Lobo, Pinheiros Altos, Vilamoura and others.

Since its formation in 2006, our team is proud on structure created based on honesty and integrity foundations. It enabled to create a reputation, not only on projects we were directly involved on sales but also in other areas, finding the right investment for each client/ investor.

Besides our work on sales activity, we have extended our services to include weekly and annual rentals, as well as after sales support services.


Fernanda LuzManager

After a career of more than 20 years dedicated to hotel business in areas like Reception, Management and Marketing, has decided to move to a different area – real estate sales.

In 1999 has been integrated into the initial sales team at Monte Quinta Resort, where sales was a success between the 178 properties of the resort.

At the same time worked on part-time basis to another real estate company – Manor Park Properties, based in Almancil, where sales were achieved all over the Algarve.

After the success at Monte da Quinta, the team was invited to be involved in the sales of another project, this time in Vilamoura Marina designated as Aquamar. Again, the sale of the 121 apartments was a success.

In 2006 in partnership with Gustavo Reis and other partners, Newpro Mediação Imobiliaria Lda was established. Since then, has been involved in different areas of action: Sales, Management and Administration

Gustavo ReisManager

His career of more than 20 years was progressed in the Algarve, working for Lusotur Golfes, a company managed by Andre Jordan Group, promoting the excellent Vilamoura Golf courses to hotels and tour operators.

Following a challenge proposed by the Group to him, he accepted to integrate the initial sales team of Monte da Quinta Resort that successfully sold the 178 units of the project.

After that, was invited again to integrate same team to sell 121 apartments of a new project this time in Vilamoura, Aquamar. The project was in full sold with success.

Following these excellent results, has decided together with Fernanda Luz and other partners to create a real estate company – Newpro, Mediação Imobiliaria Lda in 2006, where until today is actively involved in sales, new products, marketing and publicity strategies.